Tuesday, January 19, 2010

23 Jan 2010

Yo everyone...
Sat will be the biggest day in our moment..

Stay tune...

23 Jan 2010

Sunday, November 8, 2009


finally I can dress up wear nice nice liao..

My dear cousin Krystal's Traditional Wedding will be on 23 Jan 10

I am thinking of what to wear for her wedding heheh..

Dear ks............. What u all thinking now??


Saturday, January 31, 2009

Kry's ROM

Still got alot of photo with Missy Krystal...
so sorry for the lack of update too...
was too busy already..
Next i will try to upload the photo for CNY 2009
Not alot of Pic taken so i think i will wait for ah ma bird dae n load together...
cant wait for ah ma bird dae on 9 Feb at Suntec City..
gals pls dress up ok????
Aiya this year ah ma bird dae Kelvin not in Spore..
He is in US training ( Coach, Victoria Secret, Guess) .....

Friday, November 28, 2008

Sorry sorry sorry...

Ladies & gentleman

So sorry for the lack of update..
was too busy recently...

Good news that our dearie Miss Krystal had been sucessfully married out liao...

Now one of us out from the shelf...

I had taken some picture for that day but no time to upload..

I wil try to upload it asap.. so sorry....


dear Kerin aunty is going to work soon...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cutie Pie Bird dae

Happy Bird Dae
OUR Sweetie Pie

Enjoy urself & may all ur wishes come true....
Love Ya.............
Oop the last person among the 5 of us celebrating the birthday liao.
Tat means we had to wait for very long for another gathering..
But not to worried, next event should be on Nov 22... ( Kris ROM)
After that will be Chinese new year so still got alot of update in between....
Let bet who will be the next to get off the shelf leh??

Thursday, September 18, 2008



Is my voice gd?
I tink i sound good good.... Yeah
Who say so .. i shall prove to u ...
None of my business

My photo partner

1 more pls
Guess Guess Guess
Who back?

My Lovely Duo
wow wow wow
same pose

Sweetie pie

Angry me
Cos i dont have the mic....
hehehhe just kidding
My turn liao lah


The Two Sisters
Wow Missy Kathy look fat man...

Taking a photo of her own

Fat face

MRS HO soon......

Aiyo .....
so big liao still fighting for the mic???

Yeah i got the mic on my own...

Miss Kerin & Miss Kathy so engross?
but Missy Kathy super no image

Acting cute Missy Keavy
My Cutie face...


F1 racer track

Missy Keavy with her Andy Lau..
Today we had a good dinner at a Japanese cum western meal at Citylink.
After tat we went to K BOX at Marina square..
Super fun and taken tons of photo but with Kerin & Kelicia.
We also took a few super funny Video but pls do not pose up..
cos NO ONE will wants us if the video is posed up...
Believe me U all will faint..
We sang alot of nice songs including oldies & new songs too..
I think we haven been to KTV for very long time liao ..
All my bao bei are busy with their work & studies so we only meet a few time per year only.
I think our next gathering will be at Miss Krystal's ROM at Bedok..
All Ks pls make urself free can???
No matter wat also must go...
First K to get married out ( Thank U Mr Ho who wanna her)
A good sign hahahahhahha

Please send all the photo to me or post up the photo too..
Thank u very the much